Cerro Porteño, eighth final of the Copa Libertadores

Cerro Porteño qualifies for the eighth-finals of the 2018 Copa Libertadores after beating Defensor Sporting A goal by Diego Churin was enough for the classification of Cerro Porteño for the next round A goal scored by Argentine striker Diego Churin put the Paraguayan Cerro Porteño in the eighth-finals of the Copa Libertadores on Tuesday when he defeated Uruguayan defender Defensor Sporting in Montevideo, which was eliminated. The game started the fifth day of Group A and went without lights for 90 minutes, but when playing the additional time Churin ended with the illusion of the Uruguayan team, who needed a victory to continue with possibilities to advance. The triumph allows the box asunceno be leader of their area at least while the meeting ends this Tuesday in Venezuela between the Brazilian Guild and Monagas Venezuelan, the other two members.

The first 45 minutes did not have any goal situations for any of the teams, although some offensive defensive offenses were highlighted by Facundo Castro, Mathías Cardacio and Germán Rivero. The clearest of Cerro Porteño in the first part had Churín, who went hand in hand with goalkeeper Gastón Rodríguez, who played in substitution of the holder, Guillermo Reyes, out by injury. Rodriguez came out to clear the ball in the 14th minute and did it badly, hitting chest to chest with Churín, who finished off wide. With the pressure of time, both teams began to approach more clearly towards the opposite door, especially Defender, who in addition to being local began to feel the need to score to stay alive in the competition.Get your free limso club betting predictions.

For this reason, both coaches resorted to the bank. Eduardo Acevedo, of the local team, scored the entry of Juan Manuel Boselli by Germán Rivero, while Luis Zubeldía, of the visitor, chose Alfio Oviedo in the place of Hernán Novick. A few minutes later, the Cerro Porteño coach opened the door for Cristian Insaurralde to enter, to impose more speed and danger on the team near the goal of Gastón Rodríguez. The same did Acevedo, which marked the entry of striker Pablo Lopez by midfielder Martin Rabuñal.

In the second half, two attempts from both sides stood out. For one through a shot from outside the area of ​​Juan Manuel Boselli who passed very close to the left post and, on the other, a shot from Churín that stopped Rodriguez. However, the Argentina forward had the rematch and at 91 he scored the winning goal and the classification after a lethal counter-attack in which both Alfio Oviedo, who gave the pass, and Churín won in speed. The goalkeeper Rodríguez threw himself to neutralize the shot, but Churín hit the ball with effect and it went over him. In the sixth and final day of Group A, Defensor will face Gremio while Cerro Porteño will face Monagas in Asunción. DATA SHEET: • Defender:  Gastón Rodríguez; Mathias Suárez, Nicolás Correa, Ernesto Goñi, Ayrton Cougo; Mathias Cardacio, Martín Rabuñal (m.81, Pablo López), Carlos Benavídez, Matías Cabrera; Facundo Castro and Germán Rivero (m.71, Juan Manuel Boselli). • Cerro Porteño : Antony Silva; Raúl Cáceres, Marcos Cáceres, Juan Escobar, Santiago Arzamendia; Jorge Rojas, Rodrigo Rojas, Marcelo Palau, Hernán Novick (m.73, Alfio Oviedo); Kevin Fernández (m.79, Cristian Insaurralde) and Diego Churín (m.92, Nelson Valdez). • Goals:  0-1, m.91: Diego Churín. • Referee:  Argentine Néstor Pitana. He admonished Rivero, Goñi, R. Rojas, Benavídez, Correa, Cougo, M. Cáceres and Silva. • Incidents:  match of the fifth day of Group A of the Copa Libertadores played at the Luis Franzini stadium in Montevideo.